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WHY 360?

360 is an online tender publishing and evaluation system trusted by procurement managers all around Australia to send Requests for Tender/Quote/Information to providers and choose the best option.  It's trusted because it works really well to evaluate all the options and pick the best outcome.  Over 55,000 providers have registered and uploaded responses to thousands of jobs.


Procurement managers prepare their Approach To Market (ATM) as a Request For Tender (RFT), Quote (RFQ), Information (RFI), or ... whatever (RFx).  The "market" can be everyone, a select few companies, or panelists selected from a previous ATM.

The providers answer questions, upload evidence, give a price, or do whatever's asked of them in the tendering process, and then submit their response.  Sometimes they also submit an alternate option but only if the tender rules allow it.

When time's up, the evaluation team scores the responses.  The scores are counted up and weighed up against price, risk, and even the provider's location to give every submission a ranking.


360 supports everything from simple quote requests and multi-part requests for tender.  A huge array of options to ensure flexibility is available and integrity is maintained.

  • Price can be optional or multi-faceted
  • Referees can be nominated, contacted automatically, and submit their responses online
  • Criteria (questions) can be weighted and grouped in to logical sections (which are also weighted)
  • Assessment weightings can be adjusted during the evaluation process
  • Sections can be assessed separately or as part of the main submission
  • ATMs can contain hidden questions and sections that appear depending on answers to previous questions
  • Panel registration components can be withdrawn when fully subscribed (great for compiling a list of trade contacts)
  • Evaluation team members can be restricted to a sub-set of the tendered information
  • Providers can be black-flagged
  • Publishing and awarding ATMs can require additional approval
  • ATMs can be grouped into a larger ATM
  • (and much, much more)

No system is more flexible or meets the needs of local governments better than 360.


360 is licensed to government and non-government entities that buy goods and services using tenders. Each licence is for all staff with fees reflective of the likely load on 360’s servers and support staff. All buyers receive a sandpit and a production account with their own branding.
  • Single ATM Licence: $284 inc. GST
    For a single approach to market where the winning bid/budget is less than $2.5M (0.01% for higher amounts) and the expected number of bidders is fewer than 250
  • Small Volume Licence: $2,897* inc. GST per year
    For organisations with fewer than 30 staff and revenue less than $5M and fewer than 1,000 ratepayers (if applicable)
  • Medium Volume Licence: $5,795* inc. GST per year
    For organisations with fewer than 500 staff and revenue less than $60M and fewer than 40,000 ratepayers (if applicable)
  • Large Volume Licence: $8,692* inc. GST per year
    For all other organisations (where the expected number of bidders to each ATM is fewer than 250)
  • Extremely Large Volume Licence: $22,498* inc. GST per year
    For all other organisations (where an ATM is likely to attract 250 or more bidders)
  • Multi-year discounts:
    • 10% for two years
    • 12% for three years
    • 15% for four or more years
  • Monthly in-arrears billing is our preferred option so we can demonstrate our ability to deliver great service before you pay**


  • The ADCOM extensions (add 20% to the licence fee) include:
    • Provider Contacts (send emails to all panelists with optional auditing)
    • Promotions (receive more submissions by listing the ATM in the Advertised list)
    • Single Submission Hierarchical Requests (optional components are assessed separately)
    • Alternate Submissions (receive more options by encouraging sellers to think outside the box)
    • Pre-submission rules (disallow submissions from companies who haven't passed preconditions)
    • QA reviews (ensure managers have reviewed an ATM before release)
    • Working paper removal (remove evaluators' individual assessments once consensus is reached)
    • Allow copyrighted documents to be downloaded (charge a fee and count the number of times documents are downloaded)
    • Record who is sponsoring an ATM
  • Extra support (remote assistance/training, fixing data entered erroneously, and help getting set-up):
    • $175 + GST per hour charged in 15 minute increments (if performed by senior simplylogical.net personnel)
    • $148.75 + GST per hour charged in 15 minute increments (if performed by junior simplylogical.net personnel)
  • On-site training:
    • $1,650 + GST per day charged in half-day increments
    • Travel time, flights, car hire, accommodation, and related expenses incurred by simplylogical.net to be reimbursed at:
      • $1,650 + GST per day charged in half-day increments
      • $227.27 + GST per night for meals and accommodation
      • Best value available when quoting without mark-up
  • Dispute resolution reports (for when sellers lodge a protest):
    We encourage this cost to be applied to the seller to avoid frivolous protests

    • If queries can be answered using administrators' pre-existing reports: $125 + GST per report
    • If queries cannot be answered using administrators' pre-existing reports, development and consulting rates below apply

* Subject to annual indexation of CPI + 2%.
** Subject to quarterly indexation of CPI + 0.5%.
Prices are current as at 1 July 2019.


We want you to love using 360 to do your job so if there's something we can do to make your life easier, please, please, please tell us!

We're investing in 360!  Each request we receive for a new feature is assessed for how it fits with our vision.  If it's a good feature to have, we'll either:

  • Do it for free if we can schedule it into our enhancement schedule
  • Go even-share with all the customers who want it if we have to rejig our schedule
  • Create a bespoke solution for a single customer

Our rates for development and consulting are:

  • Senior personnel: $1,650 + GST per day charged in half-day increments
  • Junior personnel: $1,350 + GST per day charged in half-day increments

Insist your council uses 360!

360 provides a level playing field for providers of goods and services.

360 forces transparency and an audit trail of the procurement process.

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