What We Do

Simply reduce development costs and shorten development cycles

We've got three simple goals:

  1. Design and build high quality software
  2. Help clients create and sell products
  3. Write software that doesn’t cost a lot to run or maintain.

We're actively pursuing ISO 27001:2013 compliance and certification for us and on behalf of our customers because we want users to be enthusiastic to use the software we develop.  And we want them to have peace of mind:

  • Knowing that their data is safe
  • Knowing that the software has been built securely
  • Knowing that the developers have been trained and are constantly looking for security improvements
  • Knowing that the systems are robust and reliable
  • Knowing that the systems will work when they need it

We keep it tight. We reduce the costs. We shorten the development cycles. We keep it tight with the architect engaging directly with our customers, tailoring the solution, and directing the development.

But most of all, we develop software people want to use. We write software that our customers’ customers are happy to pay for.

Our customers’ products are used right across Australia and in New Zealand. We write and maintain them from our office in the heart of Canberra.

We avoid “re-inventing the wheel” by applying the utilities within the SL SPA framework.  That way we can focus on the nice-to-haves that will turn systems into products.

The SL SPA framework does the heavy lifting as we build our customers’ products.

SL SPA automates much of our coding.  When we capture new information in the database, it makes sure the data is:

  • Protected
  • Fetched correctly
  • Saved correctly
  • Displayed correctly
  • Versioned correctly

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