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360 Licence Options

360 is licensed to buyers – providers of goods and services use it for free
Each buyer and each provider can have as many users as they need – both staff and consultants

The fees are designed for government entities and service-based businesses where revenue is a strong indicator of load on simplylogical.net’s resources
Most licence holders have M or L licences

The XL licence is designed for large government departments and nation-wide businesses that publish high value, high interest, and high complexity requests that generate spikes in demand on our resources


Fixed-Price Fees

Licence Options

Licensing Model

Licence Fees

$3,121.34 per annum
$3,745.62 per annum
$6,243.76 per annum
$7,492.58 per annum
$9,365.11 per annum
$11,238.13 per annum

$29,088.30 per annum

Prices current as at 1 July 2021 include GST

Optional Extras

ADCOM Extensions & XL Features

The ADCOM extensions (“AD” for advertising and “COM” for communications and complexity) are features to help with less frequently applied policies and procedures such as:

  • Publishing requests for panel membership (category evaluations)
  • Accepting alternate submissions
  • Contacting providers with regard to multiple requests in one email
  • Enforcing pre-submission rules (such as mandatory site visits)
  • Ensuring request publishing and awarding is done with managerial sign-off
  • Publishing requests in 360’s ☆ Advertised Requests ☆ list
  • Recording which business unit is sponsoring each request
  • Restricting access to requests’ supporting documents until copyright fees have been paid

The XL licence also has:

  • Referee requests (to avoid making hundreds of phone calls)

Establishment and Disestablishment

To make the most of 360 we recommend:

  1. Two days training for the procurement team
  2. Configuring 360's underlying Microsoft Word template in your organisation's colours
  3. Configuring an initial evaluation report template to suit your organisation's preferences

All development, training, and travel time is charged at a flat rate: $1,887.60 per day (in half-day increments).  Travel expenses are quoted to avoid surprises.

There are no disestablishment fees.

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