we simply write and sell top-quality software

We're growing! After 5 years supporting the Apet Software suite (including 360Pro - tender evaluations), on 1 July 2018 we bought it so now we can not only write top-quality software, we can sell it and make it better than ever.

You wanna sell software?  So do we!
So do our clients!  And we know how to do it.

We code with our comprehensive Single Page Application fast-start solution SL SPA.  It's built into the Apet suite our other clients' products too.  It makes writing code faster and safer.

From simplylogical.net you get:

  • 360Pro - super flexible tender evaluations
  • Plaza - contract compliance
  • Plant Hire - supplier engagement
  • Zayton - check-lists with quality trends
  • SL SPA - accelerated software development

Integrity, not just price, creates better deals and stronger relationships

Confidence | Value | Integrity

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