introducing the simply logical way to develop software products

Simplylogical Single Page Application (SL SPA) is a product for software developers.

Using the power of code generation and a strong software architecture, SL SPA gives managers confidence that junior developers are writing secure software.

It gives the product owner confidence they are getting a modern and fast system tailored to the their needs.

SL SPA is a fast-start solution suitable for many internet-based applications containing:

The out-of-box functionality and code generation ensures developers start creating new features in a highly efficient and secure way - writing less code and delivering a high performance and secure system.

Reduced technical risk, shorter development times and greater flexibility in the implemented system design are just some of the benefits of using SL SPA to develop software products.

“Using the SL SPA Framework is like starting a climb of Mt Everest with a Sherpa team and equipment at the ready ... much better than starting at Kathmandu airport with a shopping list.”

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